Dear comrades and friends,

we are all suffering from the pictures of the war in Ukraine and we are hoping that there will be an end soon and that the humanity wins.
A few month after leaving Afghanistan there is again a country in war. This time for some much closer than expected.
And it shows us again that improving tactical medicine is crucial for the casualties and some more medical aspects are coming up with all these refugees.

So please save the date of the two next events Paris SOF CMC-Conference 2022  (20./21.October 2022 FRANCE) & CMC-Conference 2023“  (5./6. July 2023 GERMANY) and let us share our experiences and knowledge to practice best medicine in the field.

Paris SOF CMC-Conference 2022: Call for abstracts is starting soon. The conference language will be english.

More Informations coming soon at

Take care and see you at the CMC-Conferences

LtCol Dr. Florent Josse